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Images Theatre Company

Images Theater Company is an enthusiastic, culturally focused, non-profit that provides professional and community theater arts.


We believe theater arts should educate as well as entertain. We believe that all people regardless of ethnicity/socio-economic levels should have access to the arts.  We are inspired to provide cultural and educational arts programs to meet the needs of the under-served and economically disadvantaged communities of color ensures that their voices are included in Sacramento’s arts arena.

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A note from our Executive Director, Charlie Cooper

Hello to all Friends of Images, 

We are excited about our plans for "Images Renewed - 2021 & Beyond".  We were obviously devastated by the loss of our founder Lisa Lacey and it has taken us some time to adjust.  Nevertheless, in the words of one of our original pieces, "the dream goes on".   Over the last six months, our board has worked tirelessly to renew and reposition us to continue our mission of entertaining, enlightening and educating our patrons.   With the guidance of the Impact Foundry, we developed and follow our own sustainability plan.  With this in place, we have continued making changes to our digital marketing strategy and enhancing our "presence" in the community.

The past few years have further cemented the need for creative outlets like ours to engage, uplift and tell the stories of our diverse communities.   ​Our 2021-and-beyond focus is to present both original and licensed works that address issues related to social justice and equity in health, education, politics, criminal justice and more.   We will continue in our productions to use history to reflect on the current issues  impacting our communities.  Also, we will continue to provide arts education programs like Music In Motion and our drama program to address the artistic needs of children and youth in the Greater Sacramento Area.  This year, we will jumping right back in with the production of the Jan Quackenbush play "A Cold Day In Hell", and Juneteenth show entitled "The Best of Images", a celebration of African American history with song, drama, spoken word, music and dance.


As we move forward, your help is needed more than ever to continue funding our shows and programs. We welcome your tax deductible donations which will help us provide entertaining and educational shows/programs over the next year.  We are a Sacramento-based nonprofit organization.  Your donation of any amount may be made by clicking the DONATE button below or by forwarding a check to our mailing address.


We promote theater through the creation and provision of culturally, socially, and educationally relevant productions, which engage and enable artists and audience members to celebrate and transform themselves through positive interaction with the arts.


We are dedicated to hiring and training diverse, under-served community and professional artists and technicians, while providing services/education to a cross-cultural audience.



Images Theater Company will be a well maintained, culturally diverse, African-American based, professional theater company.


We will create a school of the arts that is diverse, inclusive and provides artistic performing arts training that is designed to serve communities of color and those that are disadvantaged and under-served.

We will create and establish Images Theatre Company as a nationally renowned arena for new works that will give a steady and continuous voice to underserved artists of color.

Meet Our Board of Directors


Gerri Larue-Higgs


Jeanette Larue

Dr. David Inniss


Martha Shizu Matsukawa

Russel Stiger


Sandra Suitor

Charles Cooper (ED)

Jane Wilder

Angela Thompson (Chair)


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